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Advocacy Platform

Adopted March 3, 2008

The MCC informs and influences advocacy and debate in all areas and levels of State government that impact Montessori schools, teachers, teacher training programs, children and their families with the intention of lowering barriers to equal access for this constituency.

This Platform underpins the Council’s examination of legislation, of regulations and of guidelines as delineated and developed in the various agencies of the State government.  

Our Advocacy Priorities change from time to time as the legislation regulations and guidelines of the State government shift, and opportunities present themselves.

Regulations and Legislation:

  • Expand and develop regulations and legislation that support acceptance of teacher training that takes place outside the regionally accredited institutions of higher learning, including the nationally accredited Montessori Programs. 
  • Support regulations and legislation that ensures and increases access to high quality preschools, elementary and middle schools, including Montessori. 

Teacher Training:

  • Recognition of alternate teaching credentials and coursework, including Montessori, toward requirements for State teacher credentials and permits. 
  • Equal access to various State financial support programs for schools, teachers, teacher training programs, children and families, including Montessori.


  • Implementation of pilot programs and research development of alternative forms of education with proven track records, including Montessori education.
  • Implementation of pilot programs and research in models for learning, including multi-aged classrooms, extended and uninterrupted class time, and experiential learning classrooms.
  • Latitude within State curriculum standards and guidelines which allows for alternative forms of education, including Montessori.