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Montessori Council of California

…Uniting the Montessori Community on Issues of Public Policy

MCC began in 1999 in order to respond to growing State legislation that would impact Montessori schools and their operations.  

In 2006 Proposition 82:  Universal Pre-K Initiative galvanized the Montessori community into action.  From January to June of 2006 energies were focused on the defeat of the Initiative (for its exclusion of pre-K models other than the Bank Street/NAEYC Model, & Prop 82’s public school system oversight of the Initiative).  The overwhelming defeat of the Prop 82, with 61% of the vote, MCC was recognized as a force to be respected.

While enormous energies can be mustered in time of peril, such as the Proposition 82: Universal Pre-K Initiative, the State legislation and the California Commission of Teacher Credentialing require a steady focus.

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) took about 20 months to finally hear our appeal in 2012 for recognition of the Montessori teacher credential toward the Child Development Permit.  The Teachers Union opposition has delayed a vote on the request.  MCC is asking that the Commission accept coursework from MACTE accredited Programs toward the requirements for the Child Development Permit.

The CTC has the regulatory authority to accept the MACTE accredited coursework.

The California State Legislature enacts hundreds of Senate and Assembly Bills each cycle, of which five or six very directly effect the Montessori community.  MCC advises its members of those Bills, and takes positions regarding the Bills.

MCC meets individually with the Senators’ and Assembly Members’ assistants once or twice a year to offer our position:  Support, Support with Amendments, or Opposed.


MCC represents the Montessori Community at public hearings.  When the legislation is significant we call for MCC Members to attending the hearing:  Numbers Matter!

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