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MCC suggests books and publication, both theoretical and practical that inform our political minds (yikes!). The issues we may prefer to ignore, but they impact us, nonetheless. These books and publication serve to clarify our thinking on larger societal and political issues that impact us practically in ability to provide the educational model that we have embraced: Montessori.

The Montessori Rating Scales (Purchase Online), through a research process of Content and Convergent Validity, and Reliability generate objective rating scales to measure aspects of quality care in Montessori Programs.

These rating scales allow Montessori School Boards, Administrators, Head Teacher, and Training Programs to objectively, against the standards of national Montessori peers, evaluate the quality of the care of the children in their programs.

The Political and Cultural Struggle over Early Education
Stanford University Press, Stanford, CA 2007

In his fourth book in a decade Dr. Bruce Fuller brings the required depth and elaboration to the Universal Pre-Kindergarten discourse. Fuller voices concern that preschool locus of control is shifting away from Community Based Organizations (CBOs) which presently comprised over 113,000 diverse early childhood settings serving over 9 million under-five year old children in this country. The CBOs articulate a diverse array of “best practices” reflecting the community norms and unique child-rearing practices found in our pluralistic society.