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Montessori Rating Scales


The Montessori Rating Scales (Purchase Online), through a research process of Content and Convergent Validity, and Reliability generate objective rating scales to measure aspects of quality care in Montessori Programs.

These rating scales allow Montessori School Boards, Administrators, Head Teacher, and Training Programs to objectively, against the standards of national Montessori peers, evaluate the quality of the care of the children in their programs.

Further, as governmental and licensing agencies utilize rating scales that measure traditional* environments the Montessori community has been pressed to reflect on our best practices.  The Montessori Rating Scales are the appropriate tools for measuring our unique model.  Montessori is a clear and precise epistemology that requires measurement tools designed to measure what we purport to do. 

One does not attempt to measure length with a thermometer; a meter is required!  Montessori programs, also, require their own rating scales to measure what they purport to provide children.  The ECERS* suite of rating scales is not appropriate.

The Montessori rating scales can serve as foundation research for comparing various aspects of Montessori programs, for comparing Montessori programs to traditional programs, and for the development of quality program improvement plans (Q-PIP) within Montessori programs.

MRS offers an opportunity for Montessori programs to objectively assess by their own criteria, and define by their own model, excellence.  If experimentation in education is to be kept vibrant and viable then alternative models, such as Montessori, must have access to rating scales that are recognized on the same basis as those that assess traditional models.

Montessori Rating Scales:

Montessori Rating Scales – Early Childhood – Environment     Available

Montessori Rating Scales – Early Childhood – Quality Principles     Available

Montessori Rating Scales – Elementary - Environment     In Development

Montessori Rating Scales – Elementary – Quality Principles     In Development

Montessori Rating Scales – Infant/Toddler - Environment     In Development

Montessori Rating Scales – Infant/Toddler – Quality Principles     In Development

*Rating Scales for Traditional Educational Models:

            Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale (ECERS),

            Infant/Toddler Environmental Rating Scale (ITERS),

            Family Child Care Environmental Rating Scale (FCCERS), and

            School-Age Care Environmental Rating Scale (SACERS).